Let's begin with the normal legacy doormat & Bath Mats. Every time you step on such a mat, you are most likely stepping on a reservoir of germs, bacteria, fungus & mold. What's worse, you carry these Germs around from your bath, kitchen & outdoor area making your home & car breeding grounds of infestation resulting in severe illness. The scientists at Germoshield has an answer to this. We have created world-class antimicrobial mats with cutting-edge technology that solves the problem of disease-causing-germs at homes. These mats are coated with a special non-toxic invisible layer that constantly kills the germs 100% instantly, leaving your Bath, Door, Car, Prayer and Yoga mats free from all types of germs, bacteria, fungus, mold, and bad odors. Switch to GermoShield Anti-Bacterial mat today

Germoshield makes Science work for you

Germoshield is the first antimicrobial treated mat/carpets designed for home use. The mat is infused with a special antimicrobial coating, during the manufacturing process that permanently bonds to the fibers on the surface of the mats at a molecular level. This prevents the special germ-neutralizing-coating to leach into the air or into your home.

Germoshield mats are sturdy

The yarn is woven into a bubble pattern substrate, which acts like a sheet of scrubbing brushes that traps and removes grime and dirt from your feet / footwear. Wipe your feet thoroughly, at least twice on Germoshield Mat to guarantee best results. To clean, either vacuum or dust the mat off.

Germoshield mats are non-toxic and safe

Germoshield mats are crafted using completely non-toxic ingredients and components. The mats are non-allergic and non-toxic and they are safe to be deployed in any room. They are safe for pets or crawling infants.

Germoshield mats are Eco-Friendly.

-The bottom of the mat is made from a blend of natural/sustainable and recycled rubber and the rubber nibs helps in giving a firm grip on the ground to prevent the mat from slipping or moving.

-No rubber trees are cut down in the production of Germoshield mats. Instead, natural latex is sapped from the trees in a natural manner without using any chemicals.

-The entire surface is comprised of high quality, luxurious, stain resistant recycled and virgin polypropylene yarn or cotton reducing waste on our planet.

- Germoshield mats do not trigger a chemical reaction to kill the microbes and therefore they prevent the formation of any agent-resistant Super-bugs that are a big modern-day menace.

Germoshield mats are decor-neutral

Germoshield's mats are designed to align with any decor, without compromising on the functionality.

Germoshield mats are ethical

Germoshield mats are made with ingredients and components that are sourced from people and organizations that have a strong work-culture of high ethics. No part of the manufacturing process engages child labor and every stakeholder in the making of these products is adequately compensated.



Anti-Bacterial BATH MAT


Anti-Bacterial DOOR MAT


Anti-Bacterial BED & Sofa MAT


Anti-Bacterial POOJA ASAN MAT


Anti-Bacterial PRAYER ASAN MAT

How It Works?

What makes Germoshield the most unique anti-germ technology in the world? Other prevailing solutions either cuts the biofilm of the microbes or disinfect the surface or create a weak protective layer. These solutions are not eco-friendly. They create toxins. They leach into the atmosphere. They trigger a chemiccal reaction and consume themselves with the dying germs. They create Super bugs by developing resistance in the Germs. They are very expensive. Germoshield overcomes all these shortcomings. Its triple-action formula not only cuts through the biofilm, and disinfects the surface, but also creates a strong and long-lasting invisible layer that constantly protects the treated surfacce from all types of harmful microbes. Germoshield is the one-single solution that is safe, eco-friendly, affordable, long-lasting and extremely effective technology.

The GermoShield Anti-Bacterial mats are treated with a special binding Anti-Bacterial coating which is infused deep into the molecules of the mat creating a safe layer of germ-neutralizing fuses that physically kills the germs. No chemical reaction takes place while killing the microbes and therefore Germoshield does not produce any superbugs, which is the biggest problem in antimicrobial applications today.

This coating instantly kills 100% of all types of microbes when they come into contact. This Anti-Bacterial coating lasts as long as the surface of the mats last. They are self-sanitizing and are always 100% clean, fresh and germ-free. Every time you touch or step onto your mat, you can be 100% sure of keeping yourself and your family safe and protected from disease-causing microbes.

Automatic Action

Constantly Kills bacteria.

Permanent Anti-Germ Coated Mat

Lasts as long as the surface of mat lasts


Does not leach into the atmosphere

Anti-slip & Sturdy

No smell, No discoloration.

100% Safe

Non toxic & Non-allergic.

Alcohol Free

Follows strictly Halal Standards

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